Patient Testimonial

I just started going to see Dr. Hadeed & Tracie a week ago and in that short time they were able to identify, plan, treat and progress iteratively with feedback as to my next steps and treatment plan. They are just wonderful people to go see. Tracie did such a phenomenal job cleaning my teeth and doing the deep cleaning scaling of underneath the gums. She really took her time and gets in there to make sure she does a thorough job. Dr. Hadeed also did a great job numbing me up so the cleaning went smoothly. Even their Pina Colada numbing cream was excellent and helped. Plus you get the added bonus of hearing your favorite band while all this is happening in a very safe and clean environment. When you visit them, you don't just feel like the next patient in an assembly line of patients. There is a hospitality about everything they do as they remain professional and kind. You feel like a welcomed guest in there home and instead of a house it's their office and instead of a patient you are FAMILY. The knowledge, kindness, respect, empathy and emotional intelligence they show just adds to the wonderful service you receive here. They make you feel like you've known them for years, even if they just met you that day. There is a warmth about them both that cannot be faked. They genuinely care about you, your situation, and most importantly your health. Well what are you waiting for? Don't delay, contact them today on your journey to a healthier mouth. That's word of mouth you can count on -DeAndre'- A current patient whose only regret is that I didn't know about them sooner! Do yourself and your mouth a favor and schedule an appointment to a better smile

- DeAndre J

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