Patient Testimonial

When gum recession which I had ignored for too long became tender, I consulted with a well known periodontist in Friendship Heights who said he’d graft it with tissue carved from my palate, and did I have any questions. And charged me $200. Then friends recommended Dr. Hadeed and Tracie. After a no-charge consultation, Dr. Hadeed brought me in to his office, displayed my x- rays, and explained in detail his plan to make an incision to free up “donor” gum tissue from a neighboring location, reposition the tissue to partially cover the recession, then patch both spots with regenerative collagen membrane, rather than taking material from my palate. Since friends had reported that lingering palate sensitivity was the worst part of the procedure, even with a protective shield, I was relieved to learn there was an alternative. Dr. Hadeed demonstrated professionalism in his explanation, making sure I understood the plan perfectly. On the morning of the graft, Tracie calmed my nerves with soothing words and heartfelt warmth. During the procedure, she assisted as Dr. Hadeed skillfully repaired my gum recession, checking with me periodically as to how I was doing. After the graft, I had no pain, truly. Just some discomfort, and careful consumption of smoothies, soup, etc. I followed instructions, and a week later, the gum had healed nicely. Post-surgery follow-up via phone and texting was incredible. Dr. Hadeed saw me the very next day, then at one week, at two weeks, and at six weeks. Now, six weeks post-surgery, my gum looks and feels truly perfect. I am thrilled. Add me to the fan club!

- Lisa S

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