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Periodontal disease and Orthodontic malocclusions share an interesting and complicated relationship. It is estimated that over 75% of the American adult population exhibits some form of Periodontal disease requiring treatment intervention.  In addition, it is also estimated that over 80% of the American adult population exhibits some degree of malocclusion (crooked teeth, abnormal bite) in need of orthodontic correction.

Periodontal disease and Orthodontic malocclusions can create the following serious aesthetic and functional issues:

– decreased bone support leading to tooth loss

– pathologic tooth migration and mobility

– receding gums

– decreased masticatory (chewing) capacity

– abnormal wear of tooth enamel and tooth decay

– abnormal jaw/bite relationship

– headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain

– overall lack of self esteem.

In such situations, a combined Periodontic, Orthodontic, and Dental Implant (if tooth loss exists) treatment protocol is necessary to achieve the most predictable prognosis for the maintenance of long term oral health, aesthetics and function.

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Patient Testimonial

LOVE. You do not expect to see that word when you speak of dental experiences. Dr. Hadeed and Tracy worked so hard to care about my treatment plan, the actual work and ME. They love what they do and that is shown each and every visit. They never take a moment for granted. As an adult patient needing TMJ improvement and braces I was especially concerned about how long it would take and being self conscious about braces when most would say "you made it this far - why do it?" Well - I never expected to look forward to my visits - I DID! I could not wait to see what we next! And - my treatment plan was created just for me. It was not a cookie cutter production line. It was a plan that was thought out with full consideration for what I also needed to do with the rest of my life (like public speaking). So - I cannot say enough great things about this team and the results. The encouragement and the care for the entire time was nothing short of LOVE. Thank you so much!

- Kevin R

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