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A frenum is a naturally occurring muscle attachment, normally seen between the front teeth (either upper or lower). It connects the inner aspect of the lip with the gum. A lack of attached gingiva, in conjunction with a high (closer to the biting surface) frenum attachment, which exaggerates the pull on the gum margin, can result in recession. Additionally, an excessively large frenum can prevent the teeth from coming together resulting in a gap between the front teeth. If pulling is seen or the frenum is too large to allow the teeth to come together, the frenum is surgically released from the gum with a frenectomy. A frenectomy is simply the surgical removal of a frenum.

When Orthodontic treatment is planned or initiated, the removal of an abnormal frenum, with or without a gingival graft, can increase stability and improve success of the final orthodontic result.

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Dr Hadeed and Tracie go above and beyond! I had a frenectomy and the experience was great. What really sets them apart is post treatment care they give. Both were regularly checking in on me starting just hours after the procedure to make sure the healing was going well. I've had some work done before by another periodontist and while he did good work it could be tough to track him down with concerns after the procedure was done. Dr. Hadeed insisted that I call him even in the middle of the night if I had any issues. Everything went great so it wasn't needed but the peace of mind is great to have. I need to have some additional work done and will definitely be going back to Dr Hadeed!!!

- Mike M

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